Nashville On My Mind

On the morning I left Nashville to move to California, my Uber driver picked me up and asked me what kind of trip I was taking. “A big one,” I told him. I looked over at my beautiful city. At the brilliant reflection of a six o’clock rising of the day on windows of buildings […]

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Help Send 800 Kids Back to School

I told you a couple weeks ago, Blood:Water surprised me with something wonderful to honor the release of my memoir, “One Thousand Wells.” They secretly began a campaign to build raintanks at two different schools to bring 800 kids in Kenya access to clean water. They called it 1000:1000 — One Thousand Hours for “One […]

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What I’m Reading Now… And Learning From It

I just finished reading a collection of short stories called The UnAmericans by Molly Antopol. They were powerful and masterfully written. The scenes were scattered among geographies and lots in life, but revolving around Jewish identities, communism and the red scare. The writing was vivid, palpable and astonishingly detailed. And though I couldn’t articulate the literary themes […]

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What is your audacious goal?

When I first ventured out with Jars of Clay to bring 1,000 wells to communities across Africa, it felt like an audacious, unattainable goal. But by the grace of God, we reached our goal. It shifted slightly to meet the needs of specific communities — sometimes a raintank was of more value than a well. […]

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One-Way Ticket

I’ve flown out of Nashville hundreds of times before, but this flight was different for so many reasons. It was a true departure without a return. A one way ticket to the next wild and uncertain season of my life. (In case you read last week’s “Bookends” post, this is the second bookend I was […]

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Some life seasons are short, some long. Some seasons in life are smooth, others rocky. Some seasons simply fade into the next season without us really ever noticing. And some seasons have bookends — they end the way they started. That’s where I find myself today about to put the bookend on two big seasons.

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“What is Next, is What Was and What Is” — Reflections on a Book Tour

When Blood:Water first launched, I spent countless hours on a tour bus with the band Jars of Clay. Eleven years later, Lead Singer and Blood:Water Co-Founder Dan Haseltine joins me on my tour across the country, helping champion my memoir, “One Thousand Wells.” So I felt it only fitting Dan should write a guest blog […]

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